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I have worked primarily in design, prepress, photography and fine art for the duration of my career.

I hold a Bachelor of Applied Arts in Photography from Ryerson University, a certificate in Art Fundamentals from Sheridan College and have extensive experience in photography, prepress, printing and graphic design.


My Work

Photography was usually a means of inspiration and a source of material that was to be used in my art. Recently, I have been reevaluating the images I've collected based on their own merits and have presented some on this site – while I continue my photography.


Communication in Print Award – Niagara University Eagle Alumni Magazine, 2001.

Best Multi-Media/Computer Graphics Award – Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, 1999.

Best Multi-Media, Honorable Mention – Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, 1998.

Exhibited in Woodland Cultural Museum, Brantford, Ontario.



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Ordering Prints

For convenience there is a storefront for ordering prints. However, due to site limitations there are only a select few images available at any one time. (I try to change them every so often.) If you have browsed through the Art or Photography galleries you may have noticed an image# at the end of the item description. Simply record this number, and contact me through my site. Be sure to include the item#(s) you would like, along with the size of the print(s), and any other questions or comments you may have. I'll reply with any relevant information or estimate as required.

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This website features a small selection of images from my complete works.

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